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Oculus Rift – Hope for virtual reality

Oculus-Rift-1Oculus Rift is an innovation in video games with virtual reality (VR) headset designed specifically for that will change the way you think about gaming forever. It provides incredibly wide field of view with high resolution display and ultra-low latency head tracking that allows you to step inside your favorite game. It is upcoming virtual reality head-mounted display. 

Over many years, the way to interact with the game world on the PC has not changed much. Of course, PCs became faster. There are new types of devices. Screens have become thinner, and some even support stereopsis. But regardless of the type of game, you still have to sit in front of the monitor. 

Canon 60D great camera for newbies and professionals.


A passionate photographer will continue to pursue magic. So continue your passion with Canon 60D which comes with an 18 megapixel SLR camera powered by DIGIC 4 Image processor, 3 inch Wide Vari-angle LCD Screen and 5.3 fps continuous shooting. Its body dimension of 144.5 x 105.8 x 78.6mm and weighs 755 g. It has compatibility with SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards and Dual-layer metering system.

The first impression is very positive from the camera, the camera sits nicely in your hand, control the basic settings I have learned over five minutes. Additional monochrome display always shows the most desired camera settings.